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  1. Day 15 Photo a Day: “First thing you see”

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    15 September, 2012 by talungatales

    The first thing I saw when checking my emails this morning was this: It might not seem like a particularly …
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  2. Day 10: Photo a day “Black and White”.

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    10 September, 2012 by talungatales

    Old typewriter

    When I hear the term ‘Black and white’ I usually associate it with old movies and growing up with black and …
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  3. Day 9: Photo a Day “Something you do most weekends”


    9 September, 2012 by talungatales

    view from my bed

    The truth is never as interesting as using a bit of creative licence. This photo isn’t particularly creative but it …
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  4. Dare to dream, living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & managing expectations


    8 September, 2012 by talungatales

    Cutting from Country Style magazine

    Living with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) means constantly battling with what you ‘should’ do, ‘want’ to do, and what you ‘can’ do. …
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  5. Day 2: Photo a Day Challenge: Father

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    2 September, 2012 by talungatales

    A day at the beach with Dad

    This topic made me think about what a ‘father’ is. Traditionally the head of the house, I’m not so sure …
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