Day 1: Photo A Day Challenge: “You Now”

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The inspriation for setting up a personal blog was because I wanted to be involved with FatMumSlim’s Photo a Day Challenge. I love the idea of interpreting a concept in my own personal way and then seeing how others looked at the same topic in different ways. It seemed timely that this came to my attention on the first day of Spring. This is the list for September:

Hmm, it’s the end of the day, I’m trashed after spending a few hours tutoring my 18yo daughter (she has learning difficulties) and I think all things considered I can’t be bothered dressing up. Smart phone in hand, in my most frequented place, my bed, is this photo. I picked this one because it probably says more than the other ‘yawning’ shots I took or the close ups of my eye – they were scary! Despite my advancing years, I’m still a very shy and quiet person. My eyes have always been my most prominent feature (I refuse to talk about my nose) and over the years I have received many compliments about them. They’re also my most telling feature as it is those ever decending hoods, slowly gravitating their way over my eyes which are now betraying my long gone youth. The specs which are becoming more of an attachment than the occasional jockey on the bridge of my nose, also spell out the fact that middle age is upon me and what was once my best feature is now just as vulnerable as the rest of me.

Me now

Do I mind getting older, yes, but then again, I kind of like the privileges which go with aging – one seems to carry more authority, has more wisdom (well some of us at least), and we’re still able to party disgracefully all under the pretence that we’re losing our marbles now that we’re getting older – at least that’s what my kids have been heard to say. Well as this photo shows, it’s bedtime and I’m gonna get horizontal. I hope you’ve enjoyed this first installment of the Photo a Day Challenge.


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