Day 15 Photo a Day: “First thing you see”

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15 September, 2012 by talungatales

The first thing I saw when checking my emails this morning was this:

It might not seem like a particularly interesting conversation to most, but to me it meant the world. This particular child of mine is always after hugs and is very touchy-feeley. As a baby she was always the sort of kid to be hanging off your neck or leg. As a teenager/young adult she’s not averse to telling you several times that she loves you and demanding a hug, but sometimes something said too often can lose its meaning.

I have often felt guilty denying her a hug. It’s usually been because it’s been demanded at the worst time, usually when I’ve got my hands full or am in the middle of something I can’t part with immediately. Little Miss will then huff and puff and storm off, not understanding that it’s just that her timing has been a bit off. Sometimes the repetition of “I love you” can become something that’s just said. An utterance, and in today’s society its whole meaning seems to be getting watered down – but that would be a whole other discussion. I’m not saying that I’ve ever doubted that her words are less than genuine, quite the contrary, but sometimes with the everyday grind of life and repetition, it’s easy to become desensitised.

Never too old to sit in her Mummy’s lap!

To have seen the above words in writing, said so spontaneously without wanting anything in return was wonderful and it truly brought tears to my eyes this morning. It made me feel loved and appreciated. Thank you my love. :>


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