Day 11: Photo a day “Hero”

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12 September, 2012 by talungatales

According to the Collin’s Dictionary a ‘hero’ is:

  1. a man distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility, fortitude, etc
  2. a man who is idealized for possessing superior qualities in any field
  3. (classical mythology) a being of extraordinary strength and courage, often the offspring of a mortal and a god, who is celebrated for his exploits
  4. the principal male character in a novel, play, etc.

    My hero

    My Hero: Intelligent, strong and every so naughty!

I asked my OH (other half) last night if I could post a photo of him on this blog. I thought he’d ask why. He’s been known to rescue me from something, someone or myself! Instead he surprised me when he said “which photo?” I was a little taken aback really. I thought his vanity had long since been swept under the rug. He’s a man who is comfortable with himself on the outside – he has no shame in going to the shops in a filthy, blackened state after working over his forge or in the garden. I think he wears dirt with pride! Clothes are usually torn but he wears them anyway ‘cos “there’s still some life left in them, and anyway they’re comfortable”. Breezy more like it. They finally get ditched when sparks disappear down trouser legs and are threatening to set his underpants on fire or the rips are gaping open, and as much as he’s not averse to showing a bit of skin, he’s in danger of being arrested for ‘exposure’. Most of the burn holes in his clothes are at bench height or lower!

Andrew Hood working at the anvil

The ‘hero’ in his natural state

Underneath though, he’s as sensitive, vulnerable and fragile as anyone else I know. Maybe more so.

I digress. I told him that I wanted to use him for this topic, – my hero!  He wouldn’t have it.

“I’m definitely not that, how can I be, I’m always doing things wrong” he said. “I won’t have it, I’m not going to be anyone’s hero”.

I ended the ensuing discussion with a simple, “well too bad, you’re my hero and it’s my blog“.  He sheepishly turned over away from me (we were in bed) and a few moments later quietly muttered “thank you”. I glowed in the warmth of his two simple words. “Not bad” I thought, that’s the second thank you I’ve gotten from him since I started this blog. Methinks it’s good therapy as he feels he is getting recognition.

The Collins dictionary’s definition is like a ‘red rag to a bull’. I can’t resist but elaborate on how he fits the ‘hero’ status in my mind. For his benefit here it is:

1.  a man distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility, fortitude, etc

Because of my illness my stress tolerance is very low and my OH has always intervened where battles needed to be fought. He’s even intervened when battles weren’t being fought but he thought they might be, protecting me from others when I’ve crashed. Ushering everyone out the bedroom like an old mother hen. He’s taken on legal battles, supported my mother in dealings with bureaucracy, negotiated with difficult customers and married me! He definitely has fortitude. Especially considering he’s told me several times that I’m “stubborn”, that’s an achievement worthy of commendation in itself.  (Please note he’s “pig-headed”).

2.  a man who is idealised for possessing superior qualities in any field

He’s a ‘jack of all trades’ and so jolly good at so many of those things too. What more can I say? He cooks, cleans (under duress), is a great handyman, and does well at whatever he sets his mind to. He’s only fallen off the roof once!

Most of all though I really admire his intelligence, wicked sense of humour and cheeky demeanor. I think it’s his intelligence that sets him apart with his work, thinking practically whereas I would see the same project more aesthetically. These qualities have been a good marriage of skills in our little business as we’re able to complement each other’s ideas and draw them together into some lovely ironwork.

3.  (classical mythology) a being of extraordinary strength and courage, often the offspring of a mortal and a god, who is celebrated for his exploits

Hmm this should be interesting. I’ve already gone into the courage bit, but strength? We’ll he’s 6’5″ and towers 15″ above me. He can lift things that … well, that I could never move. He can also reach things I can’t get to without a stool. He also has Goliath status in our little town – he accidentally killed a vealer with a stone. (A whole other story which I’ll tell one day). He’s definitely the offspring of a mortal, the in-laws are only human, and being of Christian faith, yes he’s a child of God!

Basking in the glory of his strength!

As for celebrating his exploits, we’d probably best not go there. His pre-marriage exploits are kept very close to his chest, I’ve probably learnt more from his friends or family. My mother-in-law mentioning more than once that he had girls in tears at his 21st. I don’t think there was any cat-fighting, and will never know ‘cos OH can conveniently never remember his past. It’s not that he’s secretive as such, but more that he has a sense of integrity and there are some things which you just don’t share with others – no matter whether you’re still in touch with the others involved or not. Bugger really. Some of the stories I’ve heard are hilarious, some touching and even dramatic. Like ‘classical mythology’ I’m sure there are more stories in there that would keep me amused for hours.

4.  the principal male character in a novel, play, etc

… or blog! He’s my hero and as he just said he “can’t do anything about it, anyway”!


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