Day 9: Photo a Day “Something you do most weekends”


9 September, 2012 by Tricia Hood

The truth is never as interesting as using a bit of creative licence. This photo isn’t particularly creative but it is indicative of what I do every weekend – lie in bed for alot a little longer, cup of tea by the bedside, catching up on blogs, Facebook, and other articles of interest. I indulge in a bit of ‘me’ time before tackling the housework.

view from my bed

Weekends are a time to relax

I take the time to sit and contemplate, taking in the quiet, peaceful atmosphere, meditating on nature’s wonders from the comfort of my bed. Something especially wonderful on those cold, wintry mornings when it’s blowing a gale. My windows look east and south (I have two windows in my bedroom) and they overlook the beautiful Adelaide Hills and I never tire of the view.

Parrots through the window

Parrots next to the bedroom window

Doesn’t that sound wonderful! I cannot tell a lie though. Having just written that, the reality is that although this might be the case for a short while, I have teenagers. My 18yo daughter is practicing her drums! Drums are LOUD. All native parrots have abandoned the lawns, as have all other creatures, leaving one lonely cow standing in a paddock – I think her she’s lost her herd.

Lonely cow in paddock

Up on a hill was a lonely … cow!

My surroundings might be ideal, but the reality is that when living in the country it’s just as noisy as anywhere else, it’s just a different kind of noise to the city – cockatoos, kookaburras and crows are probably the noisiest, unless of course a wayward calf has left it’s mother and she’s beckoning to it from afar – usually the paddock next to the house.

Even louder are my own progeny, especially when they’re yelling out because they can’t find their own underwear in the pile of clean washing, or they’re threatening grievous bodily harm because “he’s touching me”, or “she’s got my hairclip”. For those of you with toddlers, it really doesn’t change that much when they get bigger.

If you want a peaceful life in the country, don’t take the teenagers, or any kids for that matter and live next door to an Alpaca farm. They have padded feet and spit quietly.


2 thoughts on “Day 9: Photo a Day “Something you do most weekends”

  1. great post. Love the views!

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