Day 7: Photo a day: “Natural”

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7 September, 2012 by Tricia Hood

Sulphur crested cockatoo and galahs on lawn

This wild cockatoo and galahs are doing what’s natural – grubbing about in the grass.

The most obvious choice for this topic would be photos of nature, but nature is not always natural, or allowed to be natural. How can nature be unnatural? When it’s in an unnatural place or doing something it wouldn’t normally be doing. Strangely enough it’s usually because of man’s intervention.

We have a flock of cockatoos that visit the garden daily. This morning there were only two when I went to take this picture (the other got cropped out) but the rest of their flock wasn’t far away – there’s no mistaking the ‘loud’ squawks, usually near the bedroom early in the morning. Galahs, or ‘pinkies’ as they’re affectionately known are common visitors too. Both species are wild and very shy of humans. Here they’re doing what they do naturally, grubbing about on my front lawn, digging holes and making a mess! Just look at how dirty Mr Cockatoo’s face is! I love to watch the natural clowns, but do admit that I have been known to scare them off. Usually when they begin pruning my jonquils or the new shoots on my roses – but the rosellas are probably more guilty of the rose pruning. Than again there are other animals guilty of pruning my roses too, these giant aphids for instance …

calves eating roses

Maybe these are not aphids after all?

Having lived in the city most of my life, I mainly only ever saw cockatoos and galahs kept as pets, usually in small cages with the occasional opportunity to stretch their wings if their owners let them out for a play. Their wings clipped, they were at the mercy of their owners and any visitors. I remember seeing a cockatoo at a pet shop and despite having his cage open he wouldn’t come out as he’d been traumatised by children in the past.

Just in case you were expecting some shots of plants, here are a couple to keep you happy. Enjoy!


Arum Lily


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