Day 6: Photo a Day: “Every day”

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6 September, 2012 by Tricia Hood

There are many things we all do every day. Some of them quite unmentionable so I won’t go there, and some of them very mundane and boring. That having been said, just because something is a routine doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means that it’s something that simply brings comfort and familiarity. Let’s face it, most of what we do daily we either have to do as a matter of survival (and personal hygiene) or because we really like it.

For many of us starting the day with a warm cup of tea or coffee is quite the norm. How we take it probably differs greatly from person to person – unless of course you’re a tradie and take the typical ‘Tradie’s cuppa’ – tea with milk and two sugars (not sure why this is). I’ve never really been into drinking tea and coffee, mainly because I hate the diuretic properties and the hyped up feeling I get from caffeine. I don’t tend to tolerate stimulants very well. The smallest amount inevitably overstimulating me to the point where I feel like I’m bouncing off walls and my heart is about to pound its way out of my chest. Apparently it’s known as arrhythmia. Some people love that feeling, however I can’t see the attraction. It just makes me want to hunt down a beta blocker and take a lie down!

My favourite mug and tea.

Now a daily habit, my ‘Moroccan’ mug, lemon myrtle tea and ‘one cup’ tea pot are used every day.

If I had a cuppa it was usually lemon tea, and I recall in my youth people thinking it was quite odd. My dislike for milk in tea was probably due to my Hungarian upbringing, milk was rarely ever put into tea. In our house it was always lemon tea, tea with a splodge of wine (when you were feeling poorly with a cold) or black. Milk just spoilt the taste of tea. I love the flavour of lemon – lemon meringue pie, lemon sago pudding, lemon anything really. I recall as a child my mother squeezing a few drops of lemon juice onto sugar cubes as a treat. I wonder whether my love of lemons is from a long-lost, deeply buried genetic memory dating back to the Ottoman/Moroccan eras! Who knows. Does genetic memory really exist? Maybe that’s why I love the design on my favourite mug, some sort of recessive romantic memory for times long gone.

Anyway, I digress. About 6 months ago I came across a stall at a market. The stall in question was selling all sorts of Lemon Myrtle products – seedings, potted shrubs, teas, dried leaves for flavouring meals. After discussing the merits of purchasing a seedling or two with the stall holder, I figured the frosts would most likely kill anything I planted so I was probably better off just buying a pack of the “two Myrtle’s tea”. I figured one pack would be enough as the kids were unlikely to ‘share’ it with me. My OH would probably agree that this was a wise decision, not for the reason above but rather because I have a habit of buying the loveliest of plants, and then never having the energy to plant them. They struggle in their pots and then eventually, usually by the end of our long, hot summers, die. The intention is always good but I would always end up being reminded of the wasted purchase.

Back to my ‘every day’ topic. Tannin and caffeine free, Tumbeela Two Myrtle Tea is the first thing I have every day in the morning. It’s lovely, aromatic lemon scent is just as enjoyable as the taste. It does have a downside though, I now have competition as my daughter has discovered the same delights. Then I made the mistake of introducing it to my son! So now I’m now faced with the dilemma of where to hide it! Maybe next to my secret bottle of Port?


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