Day 5: Photo A Day Challenge: “Bright”

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5 September, 2012 by Tricia Hood

Sunrise in the country

I thought ‘bright’ was going to be a difficult topic to tackle. As it turns out I couldn’t decide which image to use. I think I prefer the first image above. A beautiful sunrise taken early last summer from our front balcony. I love the way the brightness of the rising sun contrasts against the darkness of the foreground, flooding the rising mist in the middle section with the warmth and brightness of it’s early morning rays. This is nature at it’s best, no photoshopping or image manipulation.

Welding sparks

The second image is pretty special too. Once again the image hasn’t been photoshopped. Man made, I love the brightness of these sparks, it’s like seeing fireworks during the day. Welding and angle grinding sparks are a daily event but I don’t usually get to see the action as I’m stuck indoors. We run a fabrication and blacksmithing business and from these sparks and those of the forge, come some very beautiful pieces of ironwork.


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