Sept 4: Photo a Day Challenge: “In my mailbox/postbox”

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4 September, 2012 by Tricia Hood

Inside my Mailbox

From the darkness there is sunshine … and junkmail!

Day four of FatMumSlim’s Photo a Day Challenge is about the mailbox. We don’t get mail delivered to our door, can’t blame the postie for not wanting to drive several kilometres to every country residence, there’s alot of miles to cover so it’s not the most efficient way of delivering mail. The local post office is the social hub of the small town I live in, there’s always someone there to say hello to.

Our post office is located in a historic little old building which is so small that they’re running out of room in which to put more post office boxes. Newer banks of little black boxes have spilled out onto the verandah and around the side of the building. The little red pillar box sits alone on the footpath next to the steps which lead to the front door. It’s a welcoming but solitary icon representing a slowly dying communication medium. With the advent of emails, this little red soldier sees far less mail that what was once deposited into it’s bowels.

Thinking about it, it’s really a shame. Emails are really such a cold medium compared to receiving a letter. I always feel a sense of anticipation before opening our mailbox. The click of the key as it turns the lock, revealing the shiny black (and might I say, very clean) interior against which contrast the bright white of the envelopes. Letters are tangible, you can feel the thickness of the envelope, the texture of the paper, the colour of some denote a special card. There’s the excitement of ripping open an envelope – or take out a bit of frustration if it’s a bill. Sometimes, as my kids have discovered there are even surprises, with the odd gift voucher or a coin collection from a grandparent. For those of us that are older, there’s the visual satisfaction you get of seeing beautiful penmanship or handwriting which is now becoming a dying art (or as my OH tittered over my shoulder, “even better if the penmanship is on a cheque”).

Which do you prefer? The immediacy of emails or the tangible letters which fill your letter box?


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